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Are you a start-up that needs a fast start or an existing business that needs a fresh start? Voci digital brings clients more than two decades of experience in taking businesses from generating ideas to delivering products.
We partner with clients from concept through launch on digital products and services including mobile apps, web-based businesses, connected consumer devices, and underlying management platforms.

Product Strategy

Every product begins with an idea. And every product idea must be a solution that addresses a real user problem, need, or expectation. Great products start out by doing one thing and doing it savagely well. We help clients hone in on what will make their product successful through tested methodologies in ideation, research, concept development, user-centric product definition, business roadmapping, and release planning.

Experience Architecture

A holistic view of the user experience is critical to the success of a product. We map out clear user journeys, articulate information architecture, and define the interactions that together comprise the user experience. The resulting flows, wireframes, and vision comps are used by visual designers to create assets and software developers to code.  When needed, we plan and execute user testing to learn real user needs and validate the intended experience.

Visual Thinking

Clients often have complex needs, multi-faceted problems, or undefined requirements. We create visual representations that elicit and demonstrate clients’ decisions and goals–through tools including structured brainstorming, whiteboarding workshops, decision matrix card sorting, and system flow diagramming. The resulting documents are used as living references during the product development process.


Products come in all shapes and sizes and so do the development journeys to launch them. So Voci digital constantly adapts to clients’ needs.
We partner with clients on specific product initiatives or on an ongoing basis throughout multiple development cycles.
We work with clients’ internal resources or contracted developers and designers and we can even help find and engage the right team for the project.
Beyond the industry standard agile methodologies, the Voci digital approach is at its core:


Context matters. Products should be developed with the entire user journey in mind.


Rapid, focused cycles that build on one another create sustainable, successful innovation.


Embracing the fluidity of development ends up saving time and producing better product.


Voci digital partners with clients from news organizations to consumer brands, social media to sport, e-commerce to e-giving, print to video, B2B to B2B2C. Below is a selection of clients with whom we’ve worked. For project details and case studies, contact us.


Frank Voci - Product Development Expert

Frank Voci


Frank Voci has spent his career building successful, breakthrough digital businesses as both a media executive and a consultant. He helped define product development methodologies and brings more than 25 years of experience in product launches to his clients.

Frank started creating digital media products early in his career. While Senior Editor of Disney Adventures magazine in the early 90’s, he conceptualized and launched the Walt Disney Company’s first-ever online presence.

In the mid 90’s, Frank became a member of the team that launched CNET, which innovated data-driven publishing and the CMS while becoming the leader in technology news and reviews. Frank was instrumental in the development of each of CNET’s charter properties including,,, and joint ventures with Intel, E!, and NBC. Frank also produced CNET’s first television series “CNET Central”.

Not long after leaving CNET, Frank became a partner at 12 Entrepreneuring, an experimental VC/incubator hybrid. Created by a CNET founder, the company assembled a think tank to conceive, build, and invest in new businesses using innovative, disruptive technologies.

In 2001 Frank returned to media as President of IFILM, the first site to stream video at scale. There he oversaw the company’s consumer business and his purview included programming, marketing, product development, technology and sales. Voci also developed IFILM’s theatrical and television ventures, expanding the brand through partnerships with AMC Theatres and IFC.

In 2003 Frank formed Voci Media Works–now Voci digital–to bring his accumulated expertise to a whole new set of forward-thinking companies. Today, Voci digital partners with companies across multiple sectors and stages who are intent on launching digital products that have impact and delight users.

When he’s not developing products, Frank is helping others develop healthy habits as a National Board Certified Health Coach. He has served as Vice-Chair and Treasurer of the Board of Directors of APLA Health and holds a degree in Human Biology from Stanford University.

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